You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to realise that land-based gambling venues are spreading faster than a cold in a kindergarten.   

Being able to bet from the bathroom  

You can’t deny it, there’s nothing more convenient than placing a bet online. So convenient that you can even bet whenever you want from wherever you want. Seriously, now I can make money betting in the bathroom instead of reading shampoo labels. If this is not the future, let Marty McFly come and see. 

Calmer than Messi at the end of the month 

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If there’s one thing you need if you want to make money betting, it’s calm. And you can find calmness by breathing deeply, walking on the beach, on the sofa at home or wherever you calm down. But I’m telling you, you’re not going to be relaxed in a betting shop. I think that in the house of terror you can be more relaxed and you know, stressful environment equals stressful betting and that only leads to losing money.  

Do whatever the fuck you want to do

We all have our quirks, but when we watch a football match they seem to be multiplied by a factor of three. If we’re loud, we turn into Chewbacca, if we have tics we get a pulse and if we try to steal tambourines we get caught in zero comma and so on. So if you want to keep your reputation intact or, simply, do whatever you want without anyone disturbing you, you’d better watch the game at home and place your bets online.  

Less smart alecks, more profit 

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That’s just the way it is. The smart alecs don’t stop trying to mess with your head, and they can’t be more in betting shops because there’s a capacity limit. You know, they are the typical ones who think they are the Cristiano Ronaldo of betting, they go around with that aura of grandeur as if they know everything and they always have a tip ready that nobody has asked them for. These people are your money repellent, with them around it’s impossible to win, the further away the better!  

Don’t let anyone know

Listen, gambling is not a sin and there is absolutely nothing wrong with your reputation. But we also know that your neighbour on the fifth floor is a gossip and if he sees you going into a betting shop he’ll tell the whole neighbourhood that you’re broke because he likes to invent fake news more than Trump on April Fool’s Day. So instead of camouflaging yourself with a false moustache every time you want to bet, it might be better to open an account in an online bookmaker. Come on, I say.

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