Luckiest people live by rules that allow them to increase their income, and at the same time enjoy life. This is the widely known “10-20-70 Plan”. If luck in the form of a large jackpot at the PlayAmo casino falling into your hands is used wisely, it can turn stray money into a source of stable existence. After all, most players originally wanted to do just that.

Charity – 10%

You are a lucky man, the fortune has chosen you out of many others. Thank fate for your good fortune by helping those who are much worse off. Spending 10% of your winnings on charity will greatly improve your self-esteem. In addition, we must not forget that very many of our fellow citizens need help and will be grateful for it. This gesture of goodwill will show fortune that you are worthy of its favor.

Invest 20%

If 20% of your winnings are invested in a reliable business, luck can feed the winner for years to come. The jackpot will continue to multiply, what could be better. Thanks to the sudden income, you can start your own business, and set the stage for future prosperity.

The Remaining 70% – for Life

After the noble and useful is done, you can indulge in a happy life. 70% of the amount is quite enough for this. You can think of all the desires and unfulfilled plans because of lack of money. You can start traveling, learn something, buy an extraordinary dog. You can carry out everything that you were putting off until good fortune. It is also good not to forget to pay back debts and pay off the mortgage.

The success of implementing this plan lies in following its exact steps and human psychology. As long as a person turns the occasional money into help to others and a deposit for the future in the form of long-term investments, the giddiness from luck will pass. Perhaps the winnings will not seem so significant. Mindless spending will not be as interesting and desirable. It is quite possible to get a real benefit from the game, if you use your luck for useful and good.

Gambling drives the world in all spheres. It pushes people to discover, travel, learn new things.

Things to Remember

casino rules

Aren’t you a winner yet? Then you should never forget about these easy rules while placing bets:

  • The casino’s profits are enormous, and this will tell you who is likely to win the race to the top.
  • To win more, you have to bet more. The man at the gaming table is not his own boss, the game leads him to new bets. For greater success you should choose a place to play with the best chance of winning.
  • Before the game, you should carefully study its rules. Knowledge of all the features will help assess the available chances.
  • Even before the game, it is important to understand when to stop. The predetermined bankroll should be strictly observed.

Statistics show that the majority of the lucky ones who won a lot of money, lose everything in a very short time. Smart money easily slips through the fingers, taking with them at the same time the respect of others, loved ones, and work.

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